Residence permit in Estonia
There are two kinds of residence permit for our clients:
Residence permit for employment
An alien may apply for a temporary residence permit (TRP) for employment with an employer registered in Estonia. This is more practicable to get a TRP for third country nationals.
A TRP for employment is issued with the period of validity of up to 5 years. An alien is required to have a place of residence registered in Estonia during the whole period of validity of the residence permit.

Residence permit for business
TRP for business is issued for a maximum of 5 years and gives you three options for applying:
Investing at least 65 000 EUR of capital in your Estonian company (company’s equity capital, subordinated liability and registered fixed assets can be regarded as an investment).
As a major investor – it requires a direct investment of at least 1 million EUR in an Estonian company or investment fund, that invests mostly into the Estonian company.
As a start-up – this option requires previous evaluation from the Expert committee. The committee is quite strict and gives quite a lot of refusals. A business plan is not required.